Army Dog Team-Corporal Kory Wiens and MWD Cooper-R.I.P.

National Guard release:

Kory was born September 6, 1986 in Albany, Oregon. He was the middle son of three boys and an older sister. He was named after his grandfather who was a canine handler during the Korean War.

Kory was a member of the Boy Scouts of America, Pack 38 in Independence, Oregon. He was a wrestler and quarterback of the football team at West Albany High School, where he graduated in 2005.

The Wiens family said Kory was liked by many people and was an easy going kid. As a hobby, Kory liked to customize his vehicles, spending lots of time with all the details. Kory was a good story teller and had a wonderful imagination.

Kory enlisted into the Army to gain experience for pursuing a career in law enforcement. He attended canine school at the 341st Training Squadron, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, where he met his partner and friend, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Cooper. Cooper was a specialized search dog trained to find firearms, ammunition and explosives.

Kory and Cooper shared a special bond, spending most of their time together. Kory often referred to Cooper as his “son”. The two were featured in many news articles.

Kory and Cooper were assigned to the 94th Mine Dog Detachment, 5th Engineer Battalion, 1st Engineer Brigade, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. The two deployed to Iraq together in January. Their abilities to detect TNT, C-4, detonation cords, smokeless powder and mortars saved countless lives by taking explosives and other IED manufacturing materials off the streets of Iraq. Kory and Cooper died alongside each other while performing a search patrol on July 6.

He is survived by his father, Kevin; mother, Judith (also known as Laura); brothers, Kevin and Kyle; sister, Lindsay; and grandmother, Patricia McAlister. He had four nieces and nephews, and was a great uncle to his sister’s children. Kory’s older brother Kevin is currently serving on a second tour in Iraq as a military police officer for the Army.

Kory and his two brothers, Kevin and Kyle, decided to get tattoos on their upper left shoulders that said “Brotherhood of Wiens” in Korean and the names of their brothers. Kyle was too young at the time to get his tattoo, but plans to have his done as soon as he can.

Kevin Wiens, who is also serving in Iraq, is escorting his brother’s body back to Oregon, along with Cooper’s.


2 Responses to “Army Dog Team-Corporal Kory Wiens and MWD Cooper-R.I.P.”

  1. TJ de Vaal Says:

    Mine was a different war at a different time.
    To you, a brother in arms, and your dog.
    Rest in peace!!

    TJ de Vaal
    3rd Tactical Platoon
    South African Defense Force Dog Center 1972-1973

  2. Linda "epicwoman" Snyder Says:

    You don’t know me and that wasn’t important at the time of the loss of Kory and Cooper. I’m a PGR member who helped our PGR State Captain, SSgt Patricia Moritz get some of the details for honors for Kory and Cooper. We couldn’t sleep for nights until we knew there would be K-9 honors that Kory would have wanted. It broke our hearts as with all our losses but it was an important mission. I guess it’s why I’m writing this to you. They are not forgotten and my husband and I added “Cooper” as our chocolate Lab’s (Kirby Cooper Snyder) middle name so we would be reminded of our fallen heroes. With care and respect
    Linda *epic PGR Fallen Warrior Scholarship Admin.

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