Mixed Forces Dog Teams

Military Police, Ba’Qubah, Iraq Switch Team.


Military Police Mixed Forces.

Military Police, Camp Taji, Iraq MA1(S)Burgess with MWD Boetzo, SSgt Russ with MWD Rouge, SGT Laub with MWD Rocky, MA2(SW) Martinez with MWD Goof.

FOB Summerall, Iraq K-9 team SGT Matt Wilkinson-MWD Cezar, MA3 Danielle Konzelman-MWD Suzi, TSGT Tom Blandino-MWD Veki

Military Police, FOB Rustamiyah, Baghdad Iraq SGT Koivu with MWD Rex, SGT McEntee with MWD Ringo, SGT Taylor with MWD Aiko.

Military Police, Ba’Qubah, Iraq MWD Aron in the dog house.




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