Bonding With “Brikhouse”

Here are a few pictures and a video of Marine Sgt Joseph Prado and his war dog Brik, nicknamed “Brikhouse”. Sgt Prado was very proud of and loved his mwd(military working dog) so much that he wrote about his bond with his war dog and included it on one of his favorite photos. Prado has left the Marines while Brik continues to serve his country with the Corps.

Night vision view of Sgt Prado and Brik

IED’s detected by Brik

Brik with his well deserved award for saving lives.

Brik and Sgt Prado conducting a vehicle search 


3 Responses to “Bonding With “Brikhouse””

  1. Was this taken in Iraq? Is Brik still there? Great story.

  2. Yes this was in Iraq. Brik is with a new handler and if that handler has been deployed then Brik would be with him.

  3. Tanya Cimolino Says:

    Joe, Your dedication to your dogs has been an inspiration. Your work, though it may seem gloriless is constantly a reminder of the way that we can bond with our K9 and be, not only rewarded in our own reguard, but save hundreds of lives. Thanks, and keep up the good work that I know you do on a daily basis.

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