Ode to the Military Working Dog’s

I was sent this great piece from a member of a group called Soldiers Angels, a volunteer support organization whose motto is “May No Soldier Go Unloved.” She felt so proud of the troops and their dogs she wanted to express her affection in words.

MWD…Military Working Dog
by Sandra Allen
Dedicated to the brave military dogs and their human partners, heroes all.
Because of you terrorism will never win. To all who have fallen, you are missed.

MWD…Military Working Dog
Three little words to describe an elite soldier,
An American K-9 soldier.

MWD…three little words
To describe the exuberant, joyful streak toward a target
The courage under fire,
The pure power in motion,
The gentleness when all is well,
The puppy dance when a mission is over.

Military Working Dog…three little words
To describe a soldier who ignores injury when the voice he loves calls to him to go.
Not to find safety,
But to find danger,
So that those he claims as his own can live free.
Because that’s what it means to be an American soldier.

And if he should become one of the fallen
Or if his partner makes the ultimate sacrifice,
They will mourn deeply for eachother because a part of their heart has died too.
But there is a bigger part of each one that has come alive on their journeys together
Because they mirror the greatness in eachother.
And that can only be celebrated.

Military Working Dog…
Three little words



2 Responses to “Ode to the Military Working Dog’s”

  1. i recently losty partner denis over there. i miss him more each day. i was hoping he was going to retire after our tour.
    i will never forget him. he was so strong , intelligent and beautiful. i can’t even hope to put into words how loyal he was.
    i love you bubba! we will meet again!

  2. Who drew that picture?

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