Dog Shades and Sniffing for Weapons

IT’S THE SHADES, DUDE – Karlo, a U.S. Army working dog, relaxes in the sun in front of a painted building after completing a full day’s work with his handler in Kirkuk, Iraq, March 20, 2008. U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Samuel Bendet

U.S. Army Sgt. Max Free watches as his military working dog sniffs for weapons caches during a clearing operation in Kesra, Iraq, Feb. 24, 2008. Free and his dog are assigned to the 67th Engineer Detachment, attached to the 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team. U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Kingston


One Response to “Dog Shades and Sniffing for Weapons”

  1. I *love* pictures of the MWDs in doggles. The doggles are just so cartoonish that it’s hard not to giggle at seeing them on the working dogs.

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