Psychological Deterrents

Finding explosives, chasing bad guys down, searching vehicles, and tracking suspects are just a few of the many tasks dog teams can be utilized for. But one of the most frequent uses of the dogs is their capablity to be a psychological deterrent. What that means is the mere presence of a working dog instantly provides a greater show of force and deters potential attacks. Would be attackers/suspects see the dogs at the gates, on patrols, and at checkpoints and think twice about approaching our troops. They know our dogs are capable of detecting them as well as their explosives and munitions.

The dogs also help keep curious onlookers and groups to stay back from the troops as they patrol because our dogs are very protective. They are a great source for crowd control and overall security for the troops patrolling. Many locals will often run up to the vehicles because of curiosity and eventually a small crowd will sometimes form around the troops. With the dogs present it allows the soldiers and Marines to control the crowd better, and allow our troops control who comes to them.

Soldiers and Marines patrol with heavy weapons and superior firepower, but for some reason the dog’s presence has an ability in inflict fear in a foe in a way a human can’t.  Demonstrations are often held on bases with Iraqi police, and other locals watching to show what the dogs are capable of doing in case a situation were to arise and the dog attacked. They see the fearlessness in the dog’s but more they see the loyalty they have to our soldiers and the whatever it takes ferociousness to keep them protected. 

This psychological presence is a simple function but, by far, one of the most used. Having a weapon that deters attacks before they even start is very powerful and in the end, saves lives. 


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  1. Great post! I enjoy the “insider’s view” into MWD teams.

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