K9 Tribute Video/NYPD K9 Unit

Another great K9 tribute video by a proud handler in New York named Dave Machin from the NYPD Transit Bureau K9 Unit. Thanks for showing some K9 Pride Dave! You can view all of the NYPD Transit K9 teams here www.TRANSITPOLICEK9.com

This is a great video giving an inside look into the NYPD K9. I found this video here www.transitpolicek9.com


7 Responses to “K9 Tribute Video/NYPD K9 Unit”

  1. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing that lovely tribute!

  2. Thanks for posting my video on your site and plugging my site. Semper Fi!

  3. Armin Schoof Says:

    NYPD K-9

  4. Dave when you get to Heaven tell Magum that I cried. Candy

  5. BPA Levario, Henry(SSgt)USMC/ Says:

    Dave, what up dog I can not believe it is you. Good times, write back.

  6. Henry….what’s up brother! What are the chances. Holy sh!t. Give me your e-mail address. My e-mail is Datransitcop@aol.com
    I hope you get this message.

  7. i am very honored to see this video,,a companion that will stay beside you and protect you in times of needs or troubles..a companion who will help find missing person,what a great video..thanks again.. nash of philippines.

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