Help Build A New Military Working Dog Memorial!

A memorial in Florida was dedicated to the military working dog teams today. During the dedication they retired five MWD’s (military working dogs). One of the handlers is Air Force Tech Sergeant Rebecca Lind who I attend handler’s course with in 2002. Watch the video below and listen to all the great experiences and accomplishments these fine mwd’s had throughout their careers.

However the memorial is not complete yet and needs YOUR HELP! Phase one of the memorial has been completed but they still need $20,000 two complete phase two. For the article about the dedication click here MWD Memorial Dedication

To learn more about or make a donation in helping build the memorial click here MILITARY WORKING DOG MEMORIAL


3 Responses to “Help Build A New Military Working Dog Memorial!”

  1. Thats a really worthy cause. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I’m glad you think so, and I enjoyed reading through your blog.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this info. We definitely want all military and police K-9 Handlers to know about this project. We want the monument to be spectacular. If we can get the funds raised, granite walls with etchings of various K-9 Teams from all eras will be featured along with a stained glass flag. We appreciate everyones support and are very thankful for all the “handlers and their faithful K-9 partners.”


    Kelly Hooker
    Working Dog Monument

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