Will Detection Dogs Become Obsolete?

Came across this article on cnn.com. They say that engineers are developing a machine that can detect odors as well as a dog can. I have heard of this before and from what I understand people have been trying for years to create an artificial smelling device. I’ll never forget when I was at Camp Pendleton and a company came by to test their new machine that they said could be more effective than our detection dogs. After the test it was concluded that our dogs were about 90% more efficient being 10 times faster and far more accurate. 

I feel if a machine were invented that could rival the scent capabilities of a dog they would be used to assist but not replace the dogs themselves. They can be used to confirm the dog has detected an odor, or be used after the dog has tired. I certainly do not think that it would become a more favorable choice over the dogs. Dogs can get tired but machines need maintenance and need to be taken care of as well or they can break down also.

I can’t blame people for trying, and I actually do hope they come out with an invention that can be as efficient and accurate as our beloved canines. They would be another tool in the toolbox. In the end, our dog’s senses were created naturally and no matter what is invented by human intelligence, mother nature’s inventions will prevail over them all.


One Response to “Will Detection Dogs Become Obsolete?”

  1. Well it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise as the military have been trying to “un-man” the front lines for awhile. Why not replace a dog with a machine in this case i say.


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