2008 New Jersey Foundation Animal Hall of Fame

The New Jersey Veterinary Veterinary Foundation has their own “Animal Hall of Fame” that annual inducts new members into five different categories. Listed below are the categories and their inductees for 2008, one of which is a military working dog. Congratulations to all the winners!

Companion: Melvin Heckman and his dog “Tinker Toy”, nominated by Dr. Suzanne Smith of Spring Mills Veterinary Hospital in Milford.

Therapy: Shiloh Shepherd Takoda, nominated by Dr. Larry Hirshenson of Morris Hills Veterinary Clinic in Boonton.

Professional: Military working dog Renato F574, nominated by CPT Michele Pfannenstiel of Fort Monmouth.

Hero: Pit Bull Cassius Clay, nominated by veterinarian Larry Wolf.

NJVMA Animal Welfare Award: Carol Hoffman, nominated by Dr. Dolores Holle chief veterinarian at The Seeing Eye Inc.

You can read about this years winners as well as the previous winners by visiting the New Jersey Veterinary Foundation website here: http://www.njvf.org


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