K-9 “Trooper” Retires From Service

Durant Police K-9 “Trooper” Retires from Service
(This article can be found by clicking here: K9 Trooper Retires) 


From news release:

Durant Police Department
120 South Fifth Avenue
Durant, Oklahoma 74701-5015
Phone:  580/924-3737  * Fax:  580/924-8928
Durward A. Cook, Chief of Police


Durant Police K-9 “Trooper” retires from service.  Trooper has completed several successful years of service. He is 9 years old and received his first K-9 team certification in 2001. Trooper and his handler Police Officer Jesse Petty attended federal training at the Regional Counter Drug Training Facility in Meridian, Mississippi.  In his last complete year of service (2007), Trooper assisted in the seizure of a combined narcotics street value and property seizure value of approximately $20,000.00.  He also successfully assisted other Law Enforcement agencies in both Oklahoma and Texas assisting in the apprehension of criminals and narcotics.

 Trooper’s age and health were the deciding factors in his retirement.  Trooper has fought arthritic problems with his front and back leg joints for several months.  He can no longer perform his duties as a Police dog; however can live the rest of his days comfortably as a retired dog.  His sense of smell is still good and his drive is wonderful, however his body can no longer keep up with his drive.   

Last year Durant Police K-9 Teams were deployed in the field 166 times for patrol and narcotics. “Trooper gave a 100% effort while working with the Durant Police Department”, says Chief Durward Cook; adding, “He was a tremendous asset and will be missed.” 

Officer Petty is currently attending training with his new K-9 partner, Baron.  Baron is a one-year-old German shepherd imported from Czechoslovakia.   The team is expected to begin patrol duties August 11, 2008. 

The Durant Police Department has had K-9 teams since 1993.  Officer Petty’s new partner will be the seventh dog the Department has employed.



One Response to “K-9 “Trooper” Retires From Service”

  1. I have been an instructor of law since 2002 and I am changing careers into law enforcement. Trying to anyway. I am in the hiring process with Cobb County Sheriff. I would love to adopt a retired police dog to protect my family and play with me my wife and son. I remember growing up that my father had a retired police dog. Cindy (k-9) would always monitor my brother and my ruff housing and make sure that we didn’t hurt eachother. That worked out well for me since I am the youngest.
    At any rate if you can guid me on where I can look into adopting a retired police dog I will be greatful.

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