Customs and Border Protection Canine Unit Video

Fantastic video here about the CBP(Customs and Border Patrol) Canine units and how valuable they are in protecting our borders. These canine teams showed off their great abilities for the Secretary of the Department for Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. These dog teams are “dual detection” dogs. Traditionally, dogs have been trained in one specific field such as narcotics or explosives. However, these dogs are trained to locate illegal narcotics and concealed humans. As you will see in the video the dogs are trained to respond passively, which usually means they will sit next to what they find rather than scratch and bite at the area. Responding passively is a better way to train the dogs because it limits property damage and injury to the dog. Also, if there were an explosive wired to the narcotic or vehicle, then a passive response will keep the dog from accidentally setting off a bomb. 

People don’t realize how vital these k9 teams are until they learn that the dog teams are responsible for locating millions of dollars worth of narcotics and currency. 


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  1. Thanks for posting this video.

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