Hard-working police dog retires

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

By Amanda Baumfeld, Staff Writer

MONTEBELLO – There’s only one way to sum up a police department career that involved 1,100 searches, 400 drug busts and numerous apprehensions: “dog tired.”

Ares, a Belgian Malinois K-9 working for the Montebello Police Department, has done all that, his handler said.

Sadly, a knee injury has forced an early end to Ares’ career. He will live out his golden years with handler Cpl. Rick Money.

“I am going to miss everything about it,” said Money, who will no longer be a handler. “I love being a handler – the patrols, searching and training. Every bit of it was great for me.”

The police department currently has two trained dogs and is searching for Ares’ replacement.

That might be a tall order because Ares was trained for patrol and narcotics duties. He can sniff out marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine as well as find and apprehend people.

Money said the K-9’s finest moment on the force is when he stopped a gunman from shooting at his fellow officers.

“The bad guy was hit and he dropped his gun,” Money said. “He was reaching to pick it up when Ares bit him and pulled him away.”

The Montebello K-9 Association, a nonprofit organization, helped pay for reconstructive knee surgery for Ares. He is currently healing and should be fully functioning in about five months.

Money is thrilled Ares can remain part of the family but said he will miss his partner.

“It was a great and I loved it,” Money said. “It is very sad that it ended so abruptly.”

-I wish Ares a happy and long lasting retirement. 



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