Australian K9 teams accused of torture

It turns out some military working dog handlers are accused of torturing prisoners again. However, this time it is Australian troops in Afghanistan that are being accused. The troops say the detainee broke from his restraints and attacked them, the detainee said it wasn’t just the dogs that tortured him. Read the article from The Sydney Morning Herald and decide for yourself.

Torture claims against troops

AUSTRALIAN troops face fresh allegations of mistreating an Afghan prisoner, just weeks after a bungled Defence Department response to earlier abuse claims handed the Taliban a propaganda victory.

The new claims come from an Afghan farmer who alleges he was beaten, subjected to electric shocks and attacked by a military dog after being captured by Australian special forces last month.

The Australian Defence Force denied the claims and said the man, Abdul Nabi, 30, was bitten by the dog after attacking two soldiers.

Mr Nabi made his allegations to two representatives of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission and to Dutch journalist Arnold Karskens.

Karskens told The Sun-Herald via email Mr Nabi had wounds to his thighs, left arm and hand, and chest. Mr Nabi also alleged he was subjected to electric prods to his back while he was being taken to a detention centre.

The ADF confirmed that a “military working dog” was used in the raid and that Mr Nadi was bitten “after he broke from his restraints and attacked two soldiers, including the dog handler”. It denied claims Mr Nabi was beaten and given electric shocks.


One Response to “Australian K9 teams accused of torture”

  1. The only thing that saddens me is that Taliban are going to use this non-stop for their own propaganda.

    The good news is that the Afghanistanis who are being aided by our Troops on a daily basis know the truth……here`s to hoping that they are able to spread the truth to those who still have any doubts.

    God bless and please take care.

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