Unique Working Dog Protects 380th

380th Air Expeditionary Wing
Story by Staff Sgt. Michael Andriacco
SOUTHWEST ASIA — The 380th Air Expeditionary Wing has a unique asset in the form of the only military working dog to be donated and trained outside of the Lackland Air Force Base military working dog training unit.

Haus, a German short-hair pointer, was donated to the Air Force Academy by American Legion George C. Evans Post #103 and was trained and certified by the Academy kennel master, Chris Jakubin.

Haus, a military working dog with the 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron, and his handler Staff Sgt. Zerrick Shanks, perform a random perimeter sweep at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Sgt. Shanks and Haus have been working together for about a year and are deployed from the Air Force Academy.
After making arrangements to donate a dog to the kennels in honor of Evans, representatives from the post took Mr. Jakubin to a dog farm in Denver, where he performed a series of tests to figure out which one would make the best detection dog.

“After they selected the dog, he was sent to Lackland Air Force Base to be trained,” said Staff Sgt. Zerrick Shanks, a 380th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron K-9 handler and Haus’ partner.

The Lackland unit decided that Haus could not be trained and returned him to the Air Force Academy where Mr. Jakubin used his 20-plus years of dog training experience to train and certify Haus in bomb-detection within two months.

Haus brings his unique abilities and sensitive nose to the security mission at the 380th AEW as an explosives search dog.

“Our primary mission is to search vehicles and packages for explosives upon entry to the base,” Sgt. Shanks said. “We also conduct random walking patrols for suspicious packages and activities.”

Military K-9 units and their handlers have a unique partnership that relies on trust and they build a special closeness, as the dogs and their handlers may be together for a number of years.

“Haus and I have a good working relationship,” said Sgt. Shanks. “He knows that I’m ultimately the boss but at the same time we are partners. I don’t believe he could do the job without me and I’m sure I couldn’t do it without him.”


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