US Marine Military Working Dog Flapoor Tribute Video

A Marine Corps Military Working Dog recently passed away. MWD Flapoor is one of our great military working dogs who was on the front lines with our Marines during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His handler, Marine LCpl Brown, made this tribute video so we can all remember one of our beloved K9 heroes.

MWD Flapoor did two tours in Iraq. During his first tour, in 2005-2006, MWD Flapoor and his handler at the time, Cpl Poelart, were providing security at an Iraqi police recruitment center in Ar Ramadi when a suicide bomber blew himself up outside the building. The bomb killed dozens of Iraqis wanting to become police and wounded dozens more.   

The bomb set a precedent in that the first military working dog handler, Sgt Adam Cann, was killed in action during Operation Iraqi freedom. MWD Flapoor and his handler were both wounded and awarded the Purple Heart.  Cpl Poelart was eventually honorably discharged while MWD Flapoor recovered from his wounds and went back for a second successful tour in Iraq. Thank you for making this tribute LCpl Brown so we can all remember this amazing dog for his sacrifice and service to our country.


5 Responses to “US Marine Military Working Dog Flapoor Tribute Video”

  1. Frank Yevchak Says:

    God rest his valiant soul as he travels the Rainbow Bridge and meets his brave 4 legged brothers and sisters on the other side. Thank You Flapoor for your dedication and service!

  2. Stephen Adornetto Says:

    My son served a tour of duty with flap by his side. As a parent and knowing a child is in harms way I felt he was fortunate that flapoor was watching over him. He was a tremendous MWD and will be sadly missed by all of us.

  3. CPT Karin Potirus Says:

    Flapoor was a true hero. Always dedicated, always full spirited, and always willing to work. He was the ideal Military Working Dog. He was kind hearted, but strong and driven. His devotion and drive to save lives will never be forgotten. We did all we could and will always remember him for the true fighter that he was. I am grateful to have met and cared for such an amazing athlete, marine, war dog, and hero.

  4. kenneth fetters Says:

    leave no soldier behind includes k9 work dogs bring them home plenty of work here borders airports and more they deserve better treatment than euthanized more than a land rover they have hearts and blood not cherry juice for brake fluid

  5. There are no words that can describe my sincerest gratitiude to Flapoor and to all our soldiers that fight for our freedom. I do know the special bond that is between man and dog. You were there to comfort Flapoor as you were able to hold him in your arms as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his fellow soldiers. I too had my German Shepherd, Niki, die suddenly in my arms this past Jan. 28th. I cried like a baby for over 3 days and I’m not ashamed to admit it but I was there for her when she was scared and needed me the most. God Bless you and all our soldiers, especially our K9’s for it is said, Where Angels Fear to Fly, K9 Leads the Way!” And now Heaven has another 4 legged hero to protect it’s gates.

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