Adopting Military Working Dogs

A common question I get is if working dogs can be adopted. The answer is a huge YES!!
Many dogs get retired every year from the DOD(department of defense) and need to find a home. If no home is found then ultimately the dog will most likely be euthanized, which is a sad end for a dog that lived an entire life serving his country. Instead of writing about the process of how to adopt I have provided a couple links that have information on how to find and download adoption forms and the process to go through.

These dogs make exceptional pets for your homes. There are many benefits of adopting a retired dog including
-A highly obedient professionally trained dog
-an outstanding guard dog
-a dog that is trained to only want to please it’s handlers.
-a dog that has a great temperament
-a trustworthy animal to leave with kids and at home and many other benefits
-a dog that has a history of serving his country

Here are some great links to go to if you are interested in adopting a working dog

Remember you may see only a few dogs up for adoption, but there is usually quite a few available.
Also, it is not just retired dogs that can be adopted but also puppies that were not suitable to be military working dogs.

52 Responses to “Adopting Military Working Dogs”

  1. Patty Schwindt Says:

    I am interested in the dogs currently available. I live in Colorado and will need to make proper arrangements and travel in order to adopt a working dog. I am interested in either male or female. From a puppy age to two.
    Please let me know the easiest way to proceed. Thank you.

    • Lyman C Chancellor Says:

      I would like to adopt a combat veteran dog that has ptsd like myself.I live in Leeds,al.If he has lost a limb I would still like him to be part of family

      • Lyman,

        Were you in the Peace Corps ’63-’65”? Roy is looking for you! Are you going to the reunion in September? How can Roy contact you?

        Roy E

  2. Michael Sexton Says:

    I am interested in adopting a Military Working Dog. I live in California but maybe getting stationed in North Carolina or Virginia coming up with in the next year. I am interested in a german shepherd and perfer that is retired from the Marine Corps if possible. Can you please let me know how to proceed farther from here, i have the app. for adoption mostly filled out already. Thank you for your help. Semper FI!

  3. I’m the adoption/disposition coordinator for the DoD. The adoption listing on our website is as up to date as I can get it (sometimes 5 minutes after an adoption…). An application is a must before I will do anything in regards to an adoption. However, at this time, our application is being redone and I will be unable to accept applications from those other websites until our situation is resolved. Please bear with us until this matter is corrected…

    • Constance Smith Says:

      I use to have a female German Shepard from Leerburg Kennels she was Shutzhund title 2 I believe. She was the best family dog and very protective with me and my girls at the time, However she has passed many years ago and I would love to adopt a female dog thats 1-2 yrs old and very loyal and well trained, I al;ways thought I wld never want to get a adult dog until I got her. She was the best and part of the family and came trained off leash with all German commands. I believe she was happier with us then with the trainer that really only showed and breed them for money. We loved her and she took to me as if I had her all her life. AT the time my ex was very mean and one day he was getting agressive with me and even went to grab me well needless to say I was protected by Abigail Von Leerburg and got the hell away from him he was very abusive. Unlike many women I didn’t stick around if i touch me once I am gone. Thats not a man but a punk and the funny thing was he use to be a pro-boxer (became a current woman beater).. I have a 10yr old son amd a fenced in back yard and have so much love t give. Crate trained would be greatt but not a deal breaker. Abby wasn’t in a crate in the house. And never chewd on things she was very welll mannered. Besides a few times she got in the treash when in the house alone. I am diabled with severe back issues and a bllod disorder but am encouraged to walk and excersise. Besides at 47 with a 10yr son I am always on the move. Please call or email me I live in Bradley Beach and have a lake behind me and a huge park about 200 feet away. or 732 455 3714 cell 609 408 9439 I really want to adopt a dog an cant afford the prices of the German totled dogs these days besides I want to save a life and would consider a puppy but depends. I have found female to be more loyal although I am open to a male if it seems like the right dog.
      Thanlk You,
      Conni Smith

  4. Thank you for the comment Wardog72

  5. Lee & Shari Says:

    We adopted our Dog Ronnie A198 from Patrick Air Force Base FL in July 08 we just took him to his first Xmas Parade on Dec. 13th he is a wondeful dog and aim’s to please us all day long he is just wonderful

  6. Former US Border Patrol handler. Lost Montana 1.5 years ago. Would like to get as much info on adopting one if your Shepards

  7. I’m very interested in adopting on of your dogs. I live in Washington state. I have beening looking for a long time. I love dogs and currently have a beagle. I have 7 children and they want another dog and I always wanted a well trained dog that needs a home. Please let me know what I need to do to be considered for adopting one.


  8. All we ask is that you think about it and look into the program. You would be doing your country a great service. Good luck in your decision.

    This is great. I’ve really enjoyed what you have done. I was in the Infantry in Iraq and we always loved to have our k9 teams on mission with us. Those k9 team inspired me to open my own k9 company. I now run the company and we produce police and personal protection dogs. A lot of people want our personal protection dogs but just can’t afford them. Now I know about this program I‘ll be sure to let my clients know and I’ll do everything I can to put the word out.

    Semper Fi-brother

  9. Dave G Squarebriggs Says:

    I am Dave Squarebriggs of Grand Forks, BC, Canada. I would be interested in adopting a retired military dog if I fall within your guide lines
    I am looking forward to hereing from you.

    Dave Squarebriggs

  10. We adopted a retired drug dog about three years ago, and he is the love of both mine and my husband’s life. It is the best decision we’ve ever made, and it has been a real joy watching him transform from work-mode 24/7 into a good-tempered pet who is obedient, loving, but also protective and brave. I’ll always keep a dog like him around, that is, if it is even possible to find another such wonderful and intelligent creature as our Dax.

  11. I am currently stationed in Germany. Is there any way for me to adopt over here?

  12. Peter M Massetto Says:

    I would very much like to adopt a military working German Shepard. I have had German Shepards in the past and would like very much to have another. Please let me know how to start the process.

  13. I am not exactly sure on the process of adopting a retired WMD, but I am highly interested in providing a loving life for a hard working service member. I am currently deployed to Iraq and have seen first hand how wonderful these dogs are and how much effort they put into protecting us from harms way. If you could please provide the right direction I might beable to take in order to start the process that is required to adopt such an awesome companion.

  14. This is the website for the 341 TRS Adoption program:

    Anyone interested in adopting needs to merely read the Adoption Information (majority of your questions are answered there). Contact information is available for Mr. Sparkowich who replaced me as the Adoption/Disposition Coordinator a few months ago (it was a civilian position I was lucky enough to work as an enlisted troop. And the only enlisted person to work this job as well…). To get the procedure from the source and not from an unaffiliated website or person (there are no websites or organizations that work directly with us here at the 341 TRS, we’ve been adopting working dogs out for well over 30 years) please contact Mr. Sparkowich as he is more than willing to assist you…

  15. Interested Citizen Says:

    Lackland has been adopting out MWDs for over 30 years?? That’s AWESOME! I was under the impression that retiring MWDs were not allowed to be adopted out until the passage of the ‘Robby Law” which was signed in November of 2000 by President Clinton….

  16. Sono un Carabioniere Cinoflio,vivo a Pisa in Italy,il mio cane è un pastore tedesco K9.scrivetemi

  17. I have had German Shepherds and would love to have a loyal companion,
    I am retired and have plenty of time to spend with a dog. I do not have a dog at this time. I have obedience trained my other shepherds, therefore understand the positives of good behavior.

  18. fellyplies Says:

    i have a well trained German shepherd dog ready to fight to his last blood drop. interested persons should please contact me on freee

  19. josephssenfuma Says:

    hi ma name is joseph ssenfuma based in uganda aged 20 i love dogs and so does ma family .how can we adopt dogs and also help them find more homes .wat steps are also required esp 4 german shepards thax.waiting

  20. savannah rogers Says:

    hello, i am a civilian living near san antonio texas. my husband and i are intrested in adopting. we have 3 small children. and would love to give one of your dogs a home full of love and fun. we live in the hill county with plenty of room for him or her to run and play. we understand all the requirements. my question is how well do they do with small children. my children do well with dogs. they know not to pull hit or aggervate, but to be soft and kind. we dont want a puppy, we are looking for eather male or female, just comming out of puppyhood or an older dog. i know civilians always have last pickings, but i really think having one of these great dogs join our family will really complete him or her as well as complete our family. -savannah rogers

  21. Hi I would love to adopt one of these dogs please email any info u can. I would prefer female and live in co. So I need to find out what I need to do for travel arrangements.thank you.

  22. I would love to adopt a MWD. I have had a german shepherd most of my life. I live in St. Louis Mo. Please consider me as I love these dogs and would give it a well deserved home. Thank you.

  23. I have a MWD german Shepherd, “ALEX M789”. He is an incredible dog. The waiting list for these animals can be long and painstaking. I have the unique priviledge to have a liter of pups from “ALEX” & Yeva ( my 95 lb champion bloodline female). I am keeping 2 of them and will be very picky about the homes I let these SUper Stars go to. God bless our troops and the animals that serve with them ( )

  24. Sharon Phillips Says:

    I am interested in adopting one of the war dogs because about 3 months ago I had bought a dog to train as a service animal for me. I bought the dog in august and in oct. the dog was taken from me and I was told that they would try to train the dog and then give it back to me. if it was not trainiable then they would get me another dog that was trained. I had a german shepherd collie. I was told the dog was not trainable then the trainer took the dog trained it and then gave it to someone else. I was heart broken that I bought the dog and not only lost the money but lost the dog to. the trainer never did get me another dog and I felt as if I was taken advantage of and the dog was really stolen from me. so if there is any way that you could please help me to get another german shepherd I would be very grateful. I don’t know where my pup is and I was promised that I could see her but they never got in touch with me to tell me where she was. I really need to have a service animal and if you have any german sherpherds that need a home I would love to have it if it is a male. I tried several times to reach the trainer and they either did not answer the phone or if I left a message they never returned the call. is there anything you can do to help me either get my dog back or get me another dog that is trained that I can use as a service animal?

    thank you all so much! I also want to thank all the service men and women and the dogs for serving there country and I’d like to say to each and every one WELCOME HOME!!

    Sharon Phillips

  25. Adopt People. What more can you do for these Dogs as compared to what they have done for us.

  26. Mary Frances MacMillan Says:

    Heading back to Colorado from Missouri on 23rd January. There were no dogs available in Colorado in December. Curious as to availability now in Missouri and Kansas. Thank You!

  27. Hi i am looking for military dog. I dont care age sex . My husband and i are proir service. we live in ft bragg, nc. does anyone know how i can find one or if i have to travel to get one.

  28. Where are you located? Are these dogs still available? Please send more info.

    Thank you.

  29. hello , I am from Ontario Canada and i was wondering if there is anything like this close to me ? thank you and i think this is wonderful !!

  30. I love dogs! And i treat them like a baby really haha! I dont have kids.

  31. Bekki Beverly Says:

    I live in the country on 13 acres. I have 6 horses,4 dogs and 3 cats. My dogs consist of a rescue Anatolian/Pyranese, a male and female rescue Springer Spaniels and a 14 1/2 yr old lab that was dumped here. I lost my 15 1/2 yr old German Shepherd last year. She was from the Huntsville pound about to be destroyed. She loved “herding” the golf card while feeding. She never had hip problems from being able to run. I don’t know how much longer I’ll have Moose. Living alone in the country I like having larger dogs. My ex was abusive and after an assault where he choked me, the locks were changed and an alarm system put in. But I would enjoy the security and companionship of one of your dogs. As you can tell by the Shepherd and Lab they seem to have longevity. The Springers and Nikko, are contained by an Invisible Fence. Your dog would be perimeter trained. I would be honored to provide a loving home.
    Thank you for your consideration

  32. synthia Says:

    i have a perfect military German Shepherded Dog for free to good home. email for details

  33. Do you have more info about the dog. Photo, age, color etc.

  34. Lynn Wiles Says:

    We are interested in a German Shepherd who is trained for police or military work but did not get accepted due to mild reasons. The reason for this is that we would like a younger dog rather than a retired dog. We have owned German Shepherds in the past and have a small hobby farm out in the country. Our last German Shepherd was our loyal farm dog and she loved her job and was good with other animals including cats and even birds! We taught her not to chase the chickens. We had to put her down last summer when she was barely 13 and it was devastating. We’d really like to adopt a dog who is closer to 2 or 3 years old rather than 8 or 9. We need an excellent dog. Can you point us in the right direction? Thank you.

  35. hoping to find a military dog for our family

  36. MyBestFriend Says:

    I Want to Adopt Any Dog that served Humans because I Love Dogs so much, But I never adopted a dog before. I need detailed info…I much appriciate.

  37. Jessyka Compton Says:

    I would love to adopt, none of these beautiful animals should be alone!! Please I leave in Oregon and I’m willing to give one an awesome home!!

  38. Jessyka Compton Says:

    I would love to adopt, none of these beautiful animals should be alone!! Please I live in Oregon and I’m willing to give one an awesome home!!

  39. Jose R, Miramontes Says:

    I would like to adopt a working dog no matter if is young or getting close to retirement. I have a big fenced yard with plenty of shade. My present pet is sixteen years old and I don’t think she would last long, and we need the company. I am a Retired CW4 always related to the military.

  40. Anne Beck Says:

    I serve our Military as a Nurse for the VAMC. There is great joy in caring for our Wounded and retired Vets, and my husband and I would love to serve the K9 population as well. We have a previous kennel set-up for our hunting dog, which passed away last year (age 14), but have a home that would welcome and love a retired Vet of the furry kind. Please advise as to how to receive such an awesome animal, who will be loved and honored.

  41. William Hedenberg Says:

    I have an retired 9 yr. old neutered MWD explosive seeker with some issues (seperation anxiety & dominance behavor). Can be corrected with a little time and patience. Extremely affectionate with great personality. I love the dog. Have been working on the issues but wife has lost her patience. He needs a good home. Will be very selective, with verbal conversation and will require a couple of days with me and the dog. Needs large fenced yard. Will not ship, must pick up in Kentucky

  42. William Hedenberg Says:

    On 6/18/12, &:43 AM. If you are seriously interested in rehoming my MWD please contact me asap.

  43. Danny Bivins Says:

    I would love the opportunity to give a military K9 a loving home it truly deserves.
    God Bless America

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