MWD Handlers, promote/honor your MWD here!
Working dog teams this blog is dedicated to all of you! Anything that you want to see posted on here just let me know.
Here are some ideas of things you can send:
-Photos(professional, funny, off the wall, action shots, etc.)
-accomplishments(you and your dog)
-information about your kennels
-and ANYTHING else working dog team related

It can be a simple picture or a long written piece. Being a working dog handler is one of the greatest experiences we can have. This is open to any professional dog teams out there who specifically are used to help save lives or deter any kind of criminal activity (military, police, security contractors, search and rescue, etc.

Any entries can be emailed here… 

I know how much you all love to talk about your dog. It’s ok to brag about you and your dog here, or another dog team/kennels. Let’s inspire eachother with our stories/information and support one another.

Silver Star Families of America Honors Miltary Working Dogs

The Silver Star Families of America will honor any military working dog that has been wounded in action.

Our mission states we will remember, honor and assist the wounded and ill of our armed forces from all wars in any way we can.We believe that military working dogs are an integral part of our armed forces and deserve to be honored and are included in the mission statement of the SSFOA.

Dog handlers that want to nominate a MWD, please fill out the below form for a certificate of honor.  There is also an area to tell the world about your MWD

Click here to go to the Silver Star Families webiste to nominate your MWD


3 Responses to “MWD Handlers, promote/honor your MWD here!”

  1. i lost my partner in afghanistan recently. i still miss and love him more each day.
    i should be returning there soon. i have a new partner now, but my buddy can never be replaced.
    hold onto those dog’s. you never relize how much you loved them until it is too late!
    take care guys!

  2. I am interested in getting some goggles for my avalanche rescue dog. Anyone out there have any good masks?

    Crystal Mt Pro Patrol

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