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Kunsan Air Base, Korea military working dog team

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Another great video featuring a mwd team in Korea. Every time I hear a military working dog handler get interviewed they can’t help themselves and say that they get paid to play and work with dogs, how great is that. Although, as much fun as it is, you better believe that it is serious business when it comes time to training. These dog teams are counted on to save lives overseas and throughout the world .


Army Military Working Dog Unit video-K9

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“Gotta love this job”

“Rit” the Sniffer Dog helps the Royal Air Force-Video

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Great video here about the British Royal Air Force in Basra, Iraq and one of their sniffer dogs “Rit” from the working dog support unit. The video is from a series titled “Rocks in a Hard Place” and this is episode 12. The unit in the video is Support Weapons Flight and they are showcased as they search for some weapons/explosives caches. 

“Rit the sniffer dog helps Support Weapons Flight investigate a possible arms cache. When the lads spot one of the locals filming them on his mobile, they search it and get a suprise. To see more go to” -from the video’s description

Old School K9 Academy Video for Connecticut State Police

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I love coming across great videos like this one that shows the behind the scenes training of how dog teams are made. This video looks like it is a little bit older, maybe from the 90’s or 80’s, but it is still very enjoyable. Anyone interested in being a police dog handler or involved with K9’s at some level of law enforcement or security would find this video entertaining as well as anyone interested in taking a quick peak into the training of a police dog team. The agency in the video is the Connecticut State Police

Military dog makes US Soldier scream like a little girl

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This is a short compilation video of a soldier spending time with the military working dog unit at Camp Victory Iraq. The screaming like a little girl part is at .38 seconds into the video. It’s funny because a lot people will be macho and say they are not afraid of catching a working dog. But when they see that dog coming after them like a bullet, it can cause funny reactions. 

“You can’t beat this job”

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Listen to what he says at 1:03 and 1:20

I just love this video. You can tell he genuinely enjoys being a military working dog hanlder. All of us handlers share the same sentiment when he says “You can’t beat this job.” It is hard to be able to beat a job where you get to work/play with some of the world’s finest dogs and people everyday.