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Military War Dog Video

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Military Working Dog Lex Video-Interview with Cpl Lee’s Parents

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Here is a fantastic interview with fallen Marine Corps military working dog handler Cpl Dustin Lee’s parents.  The Lee’s were allowed to adopt their son’s military working dog Lex after he gave the ultimate price while serving in Iraq, the first time a family of a fallen handler was allowed to adopt their surviving military working dog. MWD Lex was injured and even received a purple heart while serving with Cpl Lee in Iraq. This video is very touching and it is great to see both Lex and the Lee family enjoying their life together. MWD Lex is a very special dog, I wish him and the Lee family all the best. Semper Fidelis

Military Working Dog Lex, Patriot Pet Interview- Army AirForce Exchange Video- Pentagon TV ©AAFES 2009

Video of US Army K9 & Handler on Patrol in Iraq

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The 35th Military Police Detachment has added a new addition to the unit. As a team, this new addition is creating a physical and mental deterrent against insurgent activity in Iraq…

Kaneohe Marine Base K9 Unit

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Great video here about the Marine Corps k9 unit at the Kaneohe Marine Base.


Kunsan Air Base K9 VIDEO

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Navy military working dog team in Afghanistan video

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A report by the Armed Forces Network about a Navy military working dog team at Bagram, Afghanistan. MA3 Gerry Winkler and his mwd Zack are featured in this video titled by MA3 Winkler “Doggie Downtime Down Range”

War Dog Video Tributes

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Here are some tribute videos sent to me. Enjoy.