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Navy Military Working Dog Video

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This is an AFN Sasebo Newsbreak


Tribute to K9 dogs serving in The Military iraq and afghanistan

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It’s that time again, another tribute video for the military working dogs.

Vintage Military Dogs Tribute Video

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This is a very special  military dog tribute video. It is a tribute to the older k9 corps that existed during WWII and specifically the dogs that served in Guam. My favorite part is at 1:20 with the dog looking at the vintage sign that reads U.S. Marines War Dog Training Company. It’s as if the dog is reporting in for duty. I would love to get a hold of that sign. 

Video clips from the military working dog handler’s course

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This video takes me back to the days of mwd handler’s course. To be a military working dog handler you have to go through the handler’s course at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The course is part of the 341st training squadron.

A video clip about adopting a military working dog

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Imagine being able to adopt your very own soldier, marine, or sailor. I mean literally being able to take one home with you. Well you can. Here is a video showing a happy owner adopting a military working dog. How fortunate an adopted owner can be by having a dog so special. 

War dog Robby NUT CHECKS his handler

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Military working dog Robby was nothing less than a beast. He was a Shepherd weighing in about 105 pounds. He was big, very strong, and a solid working dog while in the Marine Corps. All around Robby was a great mwd, however he had one thing that always kept handlers that knew him on alert-he was crazy. Dogs have personalities just like humans do and if there is a way to describe Robby I would say that he was a schizophrenic maniac. It was difficult because for the most part he was a playful and jovial dog that people could pet and even see themselves bonding with. However, out of nowhere and sometimes without any provocation he would snap and have one of his “episodes” where he went after anyone including his handlers. I don’t mean to just take a quick nip at someone either, I mean full out killer on the loose status.

Robby served his country by doing a tour in Iraq and also provided security on presidential missions. His presence was powerful and was a great psychological deterrent for would be attackers. He ended up with degenerative disorders that were uncorrectable and eventually had to be put down. R.I.P., Semper Fi
Here are a couple videos of Robby serving in Iraq with his handler Sgt Jason Cannon.