There are a couple ways to support the Military Working Dog teams. 

1. http://www.supportmilitaryworkingdogs.org/-This site was created by a woman named Starline Nunley who found out how the weather conditions in Iraq can greatly affect our military dogteams. She has since dedicated this project in helping the dogs cope with the weather conditions so that they can continue to work efficiently and help save lives. 

Our Mission:
To provide cooling vests, and other protective gear
such as Doggles, MuttLuks, and any other necessary gear
to help the Military Working Dogs in Iraqs extreme conditions,
who in turn protect and serve our Soldiers.

Go check it out!


2. Kevlar For K9’s

Another great non profit organization is Kevlar for K9’s. It is run by a lady named Cindy Elkind who is “the heart and soul of Kevlar for k9’s

Kevlar for K9s is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to help protect America’s working K9s, whether they’re serving domestically or overseas. These K9s represent the first line of defense in many military and civilian operations. They are the “go to” members of the team when suspicions of bombs exist or when dangerous criminals are on the loose. Whenever their handlers’ lives are threatened, the dogs’ lives are also threatened.”

check out their website here: Kevlar for K9’s



Another way to show to support the dog teams is by going through the United States War Dogs Association program called Operation Military Care K-9. It is run by a former Vietnam handler, Ron Aiello out of New Jersey, who keeps in touch with the handlers overseas and is up to date with what they need. Their website has lists of items that the handlers ask for including gear, toys, and food items. The website also has great pictures of prior care packages. You can visit their website here…

Or you can contact Ron Aiello directly here…

Ronald L. Aiello

c/o The United States War Dogs Association

1313 Mt. Holly Road

Burlington, New Jersey 08016

 Phone contact: 609-747-9340 , Cell phone 609-234-4539

You can see letters written by the handlers on the US War Dogs website stating how much of a difference the packages make for their dogs and themselves.




9 Responses to “*HOW TO SUPPORT THE WAR DOGS*”

  1. rhonda bond Says:

    have a son who is just deploying to iraq as a bomb dog handler
    can you help me with any tips for getting supplies to both my son and his dog dak.

    thanks much rhonda bond

    • Noah Tremblay Says:

      Hi! I am ii years old and I am trying to find soldiers who have and are working with animals in war. I am doing this because I am doing a project on the forgotten heroes for school. The forgotten heroes are the animals. I am also trying to get a monument set up for them and possible have the handlers and the animals name both on them because I know many soldiers want their loyal friends name beside them. I have seen your son works with a dog was wondering if you could give me contact info. to ask him questions. I will wait for your rsponse thank you

  2. Rhonda Bond, if you will e-mail me I will help you get what ever you want to send to your son and his MWD. Check our my website.

  3. Sorry Rhonda, I forgot to leave the website with you. http://www.supportmilitaryworkingdogs.org We have outfitted many MWD’s and handlers with the gear that they need.

  4. Hi!

    I hope all is well with you! I just wanted you to check out your link on my website and make sure you like it! 🙂 http://www.militaryworkingdogadoptions.com/donations.html

    Also, ABC News did a piece on MWD Adoptions…here’s that link…

    Hope you are well and safe! God bless you!

    Debbie Kandoll and MWD Benny B163 (Ret.), too!

  5. For Immediate Release
    February 4, 2009
    Governor Crist is set to make Florida the first state in the Union, to declare March 13 as “K9 Veterans Day”
    A nation-wide effort, with roots in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, is working to get the entire country to recognize March 13 as K9 Veterans Day. And Florida will now truly take the lead on this honorable mission, as Governor Crist is set to declare K9 Veterans Day for the entire state. Last year Mayor Peyton made Jacksonville the first city to declare such a thing, and the group is hopeful that Florida will also have it’s Congress people lead the way for the national recognition, of all the dogs, of all our wars. And because of the current war on terror, such dogs as Customs Dogs, Search and Rescue Dogs, Border Patrol Dogs, Police Dogs, Secret Service Dogs, and many more will be included in the recognition. This then will be a memorial to their service annually, as they too served, bled, and died.
    Dogs have served with honor throughout the history of our Country’s birth and growth, and have served at many jobs in all of our wars. However, there was never an official K9 Corps until March 13, 1942. Hence the effort to create March 13 as K9 Veterans Day. Doing this honors the dogs for their selfless service, while avoiding any objections one may have if dogs were truly included in the human Veterans Day.
    To this day dogs are serving daily in Florida, and Coast Guard dogs helped to guard the beaches way back during WW II. And Joe White, who launched the effort, lives in Florida, so he feels it only right that Florida lead the way on this, letting everyone know that the state honors all it’s Veterans. And thanks to Mayor Peyton, and Governor Crist, Florida is apparently on a mission to get this done. Hopefully other cities and states will follow Florida’s lead, and proclaim K9 Veterans Day for their area.
    Joseph J. White

  6. i lost my k9 partner in afghanistan a year ago. i just want to say thank you to all who support these heroes.

  7. Hooooooaaaaah!
    My congratulations to K9 Pride and the fine job you’re doing to promote active MWDs and their handlers and your efforts in preserving the heritage of K9.
    Back in the 60s, I had the privilege of serving on three continents with three fantastic dogs (Libya, Blytheville, Vietnam). Given a choice to do it again, I wouldn’t do it any other way.

    Jon Hemp

  8. Richard Black Says:

    A little over a year ago I one of my dogs was chosen to be a Marine bomb detection dog. I lost track of him around August of last year. Can anyone help me track him? I raised him from a pup and trained into a great hunting dog. I had to give him up unfortunatly. But I thought he could help so many as a bomb detection dog. Just want to make sure hee is ok and send a care package to him and his handler and get a picture to put with his ribbons. I was told he was deployed to Iraq but do not know for sure. Black lab DASH’n all the way.

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